Special Service with Steve Brock – April 15 @6:00PM

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Join us for a Special Service with Steve Brock – April 15 @6:00PM

 Steve Brock sings “Days of Elijah.” (click)

Steve Brock is an anointed servant of God.  For over forty years, he has ministered in a number of areas of the Christian community.  He has served as a successful pastor of thriving churches, a dynamic evangelist and recording artist.  For the past thirty-five years and counting, he has been a Trinity Broadcasting Network T.V. personality, producing several programs through the auspices of this dynamic network:  “Climb That Mountain”, “Maker’s Match”, “The Steve Brock Show” and “Hope Builders”.  


His accomplishments for the Lord have been far reaching.  Thousands have been saved through his ministry. Steve continues to sing and minister with a dynamic anointing.  His pulpit and music ministry reflects his love and commitment to the Lord Jesus.


You are going to be greatly blessed by this servant of God!  Sensitive to the needs of the audience, Steve will reach out to the hurting and to those who need spiritual encouragement as he ministers the love of Jesus Christ.


Make plans to be present at each service and experience the presence and power of the Holy Ghost!

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