Pastor Florin T. Cimpean

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About Our Pastor Florin T. Cimpean

Florin was born in Romania and grew up as a 4th generation Pentecostal. His father and 2 of his brothers are also pastors. Florin is hapily married to Michelle and they have two beautiful kids, Anthony 11 and Abigail 9. He graduated from the Seminary in Bucharest and pursued a Master of Divinity at COG Teological Seminary in Cleveland, TN. Upon graduation he was accepted in the PHD program at Vanderbilt University where he also taught different New Testament courses.

His pastoral experience includes tenures in Romania and USA. While in Nashville, Florin and Michelle founded and pastored Bethel Romanian Church of God. In 2001, at 31, Florin was elected Senior Pastor of Philadelphia Romanian Church of God in Chicago, one of the largest Romanian churches in USA. He also founded Ekklesia Bible College where he teaches and serves as Academic Director for the Chicago campus.
Currently Florin serves as Chairman of the Church of God Romanian Territorial Board and President of Discover Your Mission.
Florin and his family are passionate for God, his people and world missions

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